Water is used extensively in the manufacturing of Semiconductor devices, ranging from UPW to cooling water and wastewater treatment. Liquid analysis is essential to ensure the perfect water quality serving its purpose in multiple applications. High quality UPW is required in wafer fab to eliminate the residue defect, hence minimal defective wafer is obtained. In process, sensors are subjected to harsh conditions such as highly corrosive chemical solution in etching process; and highly abbrasive diamond slurries in wafer polishing. Maintaining electrochemical sensors such as pH sensor in these areas are labour intensive and costly with frequent calibration and replacement needed. Knick's digital sensor technology & advanced diagnostics enables predictive maintenance which minimizes sensor downtime. Automatic cleaning and calibration system constantly ensure sensor best condition thus significantly extending sensor lifetime; while eliminate the need for human intervention, improving process safety. As the industry is embracing IR 4.0 and effective water management, automated liquid analysis is one of the key foundation towards this endeavour.

Target Audience:

Personnel involved in Semiconductor, OEM, EMS, and Wafer Fab

Speakers’ Profile

Danny Kuan
Regional Sales Manager, SEA - Knick Far East Holding Limited

Danny graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing in 2009 and started his career as a Sales Engineer in the line of Liquid Analytics and Instrumentation & Control. With more than 10 years of experiece in providing technical solutions for Liquid Analytics, Danny joined Knick as the Regional Sales Manager in 2020 to provide technical support and drive the Liquid Analytics business for Southeast Asia. Supported by local distributor, Knick specialises in tackling the most demanding measuring tasks in the areas of process industry and offer exceptional solutions that start where others stop.