Is the Covid-19 outbreak disrupting your supply chain?

We are currently playing a vital role in helping procurement team tackle challenges posted by the pandemic.

Key takeaways from this Webinar:

  • Assess current and future state of supply and demand
  • Optimise resources in Supply Chain
  • AI Application in Supply Chain
  • Supply and demand analysis & planning
  • Supply Chain scenario analysis & planning

Let’s join us to understand how technology like AI would help manage on future challenges.

Speakers’ Profile

Dr Kou Yook Fat

Dr Kou Yook Fat has more than 25 years of working experience in manufacturing environment. He has worked as a Quality Assurance Manager, Senior General Manager and Strategic Development Director responsible for group quality assurance, advanced manufacturing system, human resource development in an international contract design manufacturer and supply chain management.

He is a PSMB certified trainer as well as certified trainer with International Trade Centre (ITC) Geneva, Switzerland on Supply Chain Management Program.

His areas of expertise includes Automotive Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Toyota Production System Leadership Development, Total Quality Management and Long Term Objectives.Lean Management, TPM, Six Sigma, Coaching & Consulting.