Unconscious biases are our judgements, attitudes, assumptions and stereotyping of others that are formed from outside our own conscious awareness that exists in our subconscious. During current times when the world has embraced the social, organizational and personal constructs around diversity, inclusiveness, minority enrolment and other equity efforts, it has become mandatory for us to acknowledge and become more conscious of the mental models and mindsets we operate from no matter what our conditioning and upbringing.

The 2022 International Women’s Day theme is ‘Break the Bias’, and this topic is therefore timely.

In this short course, we will explore the origins and impact of unconscious bias, and leave with the pledge that we can break our biases, with awareness and acceptance, to make a change by shifting mindsets and understand that as leaders this culture of acceptance of others, celebrating diversity, listening to the minority voice, all have power in the ultimate objective of delivering the best for our customers and making a positive bottom-line impact overall.

Target Audience

Employees of all levels

Course Outline

  • Uncovering ‘Unconscious Bias’s: The Origins of Bias.
  • Common Types of Biases at Work, at Home.
  • Importance of Tackling Unconscious Bias.
  • Bias and Leadership Influence.
  • Becoming Conscious of our Unconscious Biases.
  • What can we do in Organizations, Schools, Communities, Homes to become more Inclusive?
  • Strategies for Overcoming Unconscious Bias.
  • Leave with Your Personal Pledge to Break the Bias.

Speakers’ Profile

Sumita Nandy

A top-rated entrepreneur and an accomplished leadership, sales and personal development specialist and coach, Sumita's deep experience as a business owner in the wellness, service, academic and training industries, makes her highly sought-after with a proven track record of 30 years residing and working in the UK and Asia Pacific.

Sumita is a Malaysian born UK resident who has been actively conducting consulting, training and start-up coaching, besides running her award-winning wellness centers in the UK. She has worked closely with women, women entrepreneurs, start-up businesses most of her life by helping women balance their careers through her curated techniques and coaching guidance.