Job Placements

  • Normal or Shift process leader must ensures/perform all process activities are carrying out accordingly
  • To improve yield through updates/changes/retrofit of equipments/processes
  • Involve in day to day production sustaining
  • To maintain a thorough knowledge and in depth field experience on PCBA to meet company's goals
  • To adapt effective advanced manufacturing technologies and apply them
  • To continuously improve product cycle time by means of process and equipment
  • To handle process related issues on printing, dispenser, placement, reflow oven, wave soldering, wash machine, also jig and fixture
  • The Asst ME Engineer/Senior Process Technician will be ownership of SMT machine performance
  • Asst ME Engineer/Senior Process Technician to buy-off during FA run and also all process related issues
  • Provide continuous improvement in SMT process
  • To provide solution for Top 3 defect triggering and assist ME to achieve FPY target
  • To maintain the reflow oven, wave soldering and wash machine pallet and basket.
  • Assist ME to buy-off Packout program for all codes
  • To verify and alter programming changes to Packout system (apply to Impcon-Lite only), prior approval from ME
  • Others Packout system related problem, the Process Technician will contact IT department (when necessary)
  • To assist ME supervise and or perform newly set-up Equipment/line buy-off