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2021 Intake

Driven and supported by our corporate members, our Engineering programs for school leavers are designed to be directly relevant to immediate and forecasted industry needs.

School of Engineering
Online Sharing Session
Date: 23rd October 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm
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School of Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering

Applied Engineering

Skills Certificate
  • Precision Machining Technology
  • Industrial Automation Technology
  • Quality Assurance Technology
Skills Diploma
  • Manufacturing Technology (CAD/CAM)
  • Quality Assurance Technology (Metrology)
Malaysian Meister Program
  • Precision Machining Technology
  • Mechatronics

German Dual Vocational Training

MMPL1 Technical Track
  • Electronics in Automation Technology
  • Mechatronics

Why choose PSDC?

The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) is the first tripartite, industry-led skills training and education centre in Malaysia. Since its inception, the PSDC has grown phenomenally to become the premier learning institution in the country, dedicated to meet the immediate human resource needs of the business community and to support and strengthen business requirements. The PSDC programs are designed and developed with the Industry, making the PSDC graduates highly relevant and sought-after by companies.

Industry Scholarships * up to


TVET Scholarship (Government Funded) *


Merit Scholarships * up to


Special Rebate *



Employability Rate

> 200

Links with Member Companies

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

Student Ambassador Rewards


for each new student introduced

  • Certificate in Engineering
  • Diploma in Engineering


for each new student introduced


for THREE new students introduced

  • Skills Certificate (SKM Level 2)

Step 1

Get your relatives/friends to enrol in any of the programs above.

Step 2

Complete the PSDC Student Ambassador Rewards redemption form with the necessary details and submit to the Applied Engineering (AE)/School of Engineering (SoE) Team.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1. This reward is open to current PSDC students and all ex-PSDC students from Applied Engineering and School of Engineering.
  • 2. The new referred student(s) must fulfil either of the following:
    • a. Non-Scholarship Program
      To have fully paid the first semester course fee and maintained an active presence in class for at least ONE (1) semester (for SoE programs) or THREE (3) months (for AE programs)
    • b. Scholarship Program
      To have maintained an active presence in class for at least ONE (1) semester (for SoE programs) or THREE (3) months (for AE programs)
  • 3. Multiple referrals of a single student is NOT allowed (ie the name of a referred student cannot appear on more than one form).
  • 4. As proof of recommendation, the referred student must fill in the name of the recommender in the Program Application Form.
  • 5. The PSDC reserves the right to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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