German Dual Vocational Training

  • The Industriemeister – Mechatronics is introduced to provide a further career and education path as well as an additional training with focus on knowledge in management.
  • This shall be jointly implemented by PSDC and MGCC with the support of B.Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd.
  • It is open for GDVT graduates and non GDVT graduates (but permanent employees of the participating host company)
  • The Industriemeister-Mechatronics course shall grow, expand and be open to other companies, which are able to fulfil the curriculum and are accredited by MGCC as GDVT participating company.
  • Course fee to be borne by participating host company
Part time basis conducted on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Twenty-four (24) months or 1,110 teaching hours
Study Plans
Trainees to undergo Basic Skills & Job Specific Skills modules listed below:
  1. Learning and Working Methodologies
  2. Business Competence
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Application of Information, Communication and Planning
  5. Cooperation at Work
  6. Compliance with Scientific and Technical Principles
  1. Engineering - System Integration
  2. Engineering – Technical Applications
  3. Engineering – Customer Support Services
  4. Organisation – Operational Cost Management
  5. Organisation – Planning, control and communications systems
  6. Organisation – Occupational health and safety and environmental
  7. Management and Human Resources - Human Resource Management
  8. Management and Human Resources - Staff development
  9. Management and Human Resources - Quality Management