The Certificate in Electronic Engineering program offers students an invaluable insight into the world of electronics and the processes involved in this highly-exciting field.
Course Objectives
  • Train the students to understand the fundamental characteristics of basic electronic components.
  • Provide students with necessary knowledge in electronic engineering theories that will enable them to maintain the electronic components that control electronic equipment.
  • Prepare students to meet the rapid growth in the semiconductor industry.
  • Provide a stepping stone in acquiring a diploma in Engineering.
Study Plans
  1. Basic Electrical Technology
  2. Computer Basics
  3. Algebra 1
  4. Physics for Engineering
  5. Basic English
  6. Principles of Quality Management
  7. Bahasa Kebangsaan A
  8. Basic Project Management
  9. Algebra 2
  10. Basic Electronic
  11. Hubungan Etnik
  12. Fundamental of C Programming
  13. Industrial Attachment
  1. Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller
  2. Fundamental of Analog System
  3. Fundamental of Digital System
  4. Introduction to Calculus
  5. Pengajian Malaysia 1
  6. Final Project
Entry Requirements
  • Pass SPM or its equivalent with at least one (1) credit in any subject and a pass in Mathematics

*Definition of Pass SPM:
2012 SPM and prior: Must pass Bahasa Melayu
2013 SPM onwards: Must pass Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah