PSDC offers the Diploma in Engineering program for school leavers to pursue their studies in Electronic Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.

School of Engineering Educational Goals

  • Stimulate students' interest to enter careers in operations, services, and manufacturing within the field of Engineering
  • Provide comprehensive technical program to fulfil PSDC members talent needs

Accredited by :


SPM Foundation(1 Year) Degree(2.5 - 4 Years)
Diploma (2.5 Years)
Certificate (1.5 Years) Employment

Our Success Stories

PSDC Engineering program sets a strong foundation for students to further engineering study.

Ong Chee Keong

SoC Design Engineer, Intel Malaysia

Alumnus of Diploma in Electronic Engineering – Batch 19

I choose PSDC for my Engineering course is because of it is well reputable in the industry. After I have graduated, I noticed the focus in PSDC program for both theoretical and practical skills really does help us to be more prepared in the industry.

Aw Yang Zun

Senior Product Development Engineer, Osram OptoSemiconductors

Alumnus of Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering – Batch 19

PSDC provides necessary and sufficient materials and knowledge to students. I have the opportunity to perform practical and hands-on lab sessions during my study. This leads me to my current career as an Engineer.

Ooi Siang Yew

IT Engineer, NTT Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Alumnus of Diploma in Computer Engineering – Batch 17

PSDC program provided a good program structure that helps to shape my practical skills and brainstorming in solving problems.

Oh Chin Wei

Failure Analysis Engineer, Intel Corporation

Alumnus of Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering – Batch 20