Applied Engineering

The PSDC Applied Engineering department provides hands-on skills training to students through its certification program (SKM Level 2 & 3) in Precision Machining Technology, Industrial Automation Technology, and Quality Assurance Technology, diploma program (DKM Level 4) in Manufacturing Technology (CAD/CAM) and Quality Assurance Technology (QAT), and Malaysian Meister Program in Precision Machining and Mechatronics.

Accredited by :

SKILLS DIPLOMA (DKM Level 4) (12 months)
SKILLS CERTIFICATE (SKM Level 2) (6-9 months)

Our Success Stories

The Meister course is the best course I have ever taken where it is organized and delivered by highly skilled instructors. The Meister course is also a course that is relevant to the industry where it is specially designed to meet the needs of the industry. PSDC again successfully develop, organize and implement this program that benefit me more knowledgeable and skilled in my field and at the same time gives me a better position and a better standard of living.

Ng Choon Keong

Process Engineer (Medical Implant section), Symmetry Medical Sdn Bhd

Alumnus of Applied Engineering Advanced CNC Course - Level 3

Alumnus of Malaysian Meister in Precision Machining - Batch 1

My success today is due to the support of my parents as well as the guidance from PSDC Applied Engineering trainers. PSDC's Precision Machining Technology program allows me to develop my skills and knowledge to a higher level. I also have the opportunity to gain more experience by accepting the offer to work in an organisation related to the field of Design and Manufacturing, namely Cosmic Sdn Bhd. I am grateful to the contributions of PSDC trainers as I advance in my career.

Lew Wei Ji

Designer, Cosmic Family Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

Alumnus of Applied Engineering Precision Machining Technology - Batch 10

PSDC’s Meister course has opened the way for me to study while working in the industry. This makes it easier for me to understand the concepts of how things works. At the same time, I was able to apply the knowledge I learned during the course in the real world. This course also make me better understand not only from a technical point of view, but from all aspects in producing a project, whether large-scale or small-scale.

Mohamad Firdaus Bin Lazim

Machine Specialist Engineer, Paradigm Sdn Bhd

Alumnus of Applied Engineering Advanced CNC Course - Level 3

Alumnus of Malaysian Meister in Precision Machining - Batch 1

The PSDC Meister Program produces many technologists who are competitive and understand every aspect of project production. This program raised the standard of education and helped close the income gap among the 'blue-collar' group.

Siti Nur Zaleha Bt Mohamad Hanafiah

Quality Control Engineer, Fizco Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Alumnus of Malaysian Meister in Precision Machining - Batch 3

The PSDC Meister Program provides many benefits to the trainees, including the knowledge that are useful for our daily work in the Industry.

Loh Jing Nan

Junior Process Engineer, UWC Berhad

Alumnus of Malaysian Meister in Mechatronics - Batch 1