Practical Industrial Electronics & Maintenance


This program is developed for those require details of practical understanding in the topic of industrial electronics and maintenance (failure analysis) of electronics circuit and system. The participants will be exposed to industrial problem solving with real prototype board and how to link with theoretical knowledge with simplified approach.

We understand the increasing demand for highly skilled and knowledgeable employees in the industries. We provide platform for learning for technicians and engineers on industrial electronics for the need of manufacturing and development companies. This course is designed utilizing Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) model from Germany, focusing in establishing the competency of the technicians and productivity of the manufacturing and development industries. TVET model focuses on practical based training, therefore 2 hours workshop included for each day, throughout the course.

It gives a comprehensive understanding on the fundamentals of electronics. This helps the participants to be able to interpret and analyse electronics circuits. Also, this course covers basic measurement procedures for electronics system, design issues and effective troubleshooting techniques. The participants also, will be able to configure computer controlled equipment. They will be able to demonstrate basic understanding of machine control for measurement purposes. Besides, this course emphasizes on safety policies, standards and procedures to the industrial environment. Practical lab exercises will be discussed as well as short test will be given towards end of the class. Certificate of completion will be given to the successful participants.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, Technicians, Lecturers, Students

  • Review of TVET model for Electronics Industry
  • Practical concept of implementation for Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial design for electronics - schematic driven approach
  • Review on industrial electronics (transistors and operational amplifier)
Lutz Konstoffer

Lutz Konstoffer (Certified TTT Trainer) received MSEE and PhD in 1979 and 1982 respectively. He is a technical consultant with focus on short-range wireless applications. He started his career in the field of fibre optics, where he did theoretical and experimental investigations in wavelength division multiplexing and optical heterodying. As head of a working group in the research and development department of the Kathrein-Werke Rosenheim, his area of responsibility includes the design of an optical heterodyne transmission system, the development of hardware and software for optical and electrical measurements, the design and engineering of laser diode modules as well as the design of optical transmitters and receivers up to 2 GHz. In early 1990, he joined Texas Instruments where he set up the company’s European RF application lab. He was responsible for customer support of RF products in Europe, designed evaluation boards for cordless and ISM applications and held in-house seminars. Dr Konstroffer is the author of several technical publications. Since 2000, he works as an independent consultant and managing director of RF Consult GmbH. He is actively providing R&D services to various organizations around the world including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Microchip, and Silicon Labs.

  • Dates
    28 - 30 November 2017
  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Time
    9.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Course Fee
    RM3, 900/participant
    (excluding 6% GST)
  • Course fees are HRDF claimable under the SBL Scheme.