EVΔLVE is an immersive learning program that provides an opportunity for new and current leaders to strategize, plan, and execute along with other leaders. Its premise is to simulate a series of situations and show consequences of actions. EVΔLVE will also provide platform for participants to gain insights on how to redefine leadership as they are placed in various situations that require them to exercise their decision making and leadership skills.

A fun, engaging, and mentally challenging game-play, EVΔLVE will take participants through a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and realisation that will lead to positive change and improvement in productivity and empowering behaviors. Participants will be engaged from multiples angles, ‘forcing’ them to use most, if not all of their senses.

Who Should Attend

New/First-time Frontline Managers, Key Talents/Next-in- Line Leaders, Heads of Department or Division

  • First Attempt to EV∆LVE
  • Second Attempt to EV∆LVE
  • Priming for Deeper Reflection
  • Dates
  • Duration
    2 Days
  • Time
    9.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Course Fee
    Price is subject to the number of participants.
  • Course fees are HRDF claimable under the SBL Scheme.