Industry 4.0: How to Justify the ROI


Many organisations face huge obstacles in justifying the investment plan for their Industry 4.0 migration. They need to have a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and financial gains to convince the top senior management team and shareholders of the necessity to upgrade and migrate. This course is designed to provide a basic introduction on how to construct a list of tangible and intangible benefits to support the investment plan on migration towards Industry 4.0.

Who Should Attend

Senior Executives and Management Team Members


Basic understanding of Industry 4.0 and program management skills


En Azhar Md Nayan is the Technical Advisor to the PSDC. He graduated from Bradley University in Illinois, USA, in 1994 and has over 23 years of Senior Management experience. His work experience spans across various sectors including semiconductor products in wireless communication, motion controller, optoelectronics, and photomask engineering. Azhar had taken on many different management roles before leaving the industry to fully focus on providing training and consultancy services. He specialises in Technical Problem Solving Tools, Change Management, Critical Thinking, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Problem Solving Tools (eg 8D, PDCA, and DMAIC), Lean Manufacturing Concepts, Waste Management, and Introduction to Industry 4.0.

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