Industry 4.0: Factory Layout, Material Flow, and VSM Improvement through 3D Simulation Toolkit


Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is method to analyse the current state of a process in a production plant. Based on this as-it analysis, a new, more valued process between supplier, manufacturer, and customer can be implemented. To enhance the VSM theory, the planning can be moved to the virtual world for full simulation of all process steps to see the effect of the changes. The objective of this program is to train the participants on the theory of VSM, including particle exercises. To validate the theoretical approach, state-of- the-art 3D simulation software will be used. Through this program, participants will be equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to do Value Stream Mapping in their own company.

Who Should Attend

Production Managers, Industrial Engineers, and Production Engineers


Participants should have some basic background/understanding of production processes



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