I4.0: Introduction to Concepts & 11 Technology Pillars


In the current industry environment, providing high-end quality service or product at the least cost is a major determinant of success. Factories are constantly trying to lower their cost and increase their revenue. By utilising data to understand current operating conditions and detecting faults and failures, factories that deploy Industry 4.0 technologies are able to use condition monitoring and fault diagnosis to gain more insight on the status of the factory and improve yields. This program is specially designed to introduce participants to the key design principles of the new industrial revolution, its key challenges, as well as new potential opportunities throughout the entire value chain of the implementation.

Who Should Attend

Members of the Industry, OT Staff, and IT Personnel


Participants must be working in a factory environment and have basic understanding of the industry


En Azhar Md Nayan is the Technical Advisor to the PSDC. He graduated from Bradley University in Illinois, USA, in 1994 and has over 23 years of Senior Management experience. His work experience spans across various sectors including semiconductor products in wireless communication, motion controller, optoelectronics, and photomask engineering. Azhar had taken on many different management roles before leaving the industry to fully focus on providing training and consultancy services. He specialises in Technical Problem Solving Tools, Change Management, Critical Thinking, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Problem Solving Tools (eg 8D, PDCA, and DMAIC), Lean Manufacturing Concepts, Waste Management, and Introduction to Industry 4.0.

For further information, please contact
Elly Leong (ext 523 / ellyleong@psdc.org.my)
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