Intermediate CNC Lathe Operations


This program will enable participants to improve their knowledge of CNC Lathe machining process and increase their understanding of CNC Lathe cutting tools, fixture, speed, and feed that affect surface quality.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the insert designation and threading process
  • Find solutions to surface quality challenges
  • Carry out Soft Jaw set-up and machining process
  • Carry out procedures before and after actual cut

Who Should Attend

Participants who have completed the Basic CNC Lathe Operations program


10 weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang. Program commencement is subject to company’s request (for in-house classes) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (for public classes).

Training Outline

Classroom Activities
  • a. Turning Tool Insert Designation
  • b. Negative and Positive Rake Insert
  • c. Cutting Data
  • d. Cartesian Co-ordinates
  • e. Program Structure OD (Outer Diameter)
  • f. Program Structure OD Threading
Workshop Activities
  • a. Machine Introduction (Okuma Lathe)
  • b. Daily Inspection
  • c. Machine Warm Up
Classroom Activities
  • a. Program Structure OD Grooving
  • b. Program Structure Drilling
  • c. Program Structure ID (Internal Diameter/Boring)
  • d. Program Structure ID Threading
  • e. Program Structure Parting/Part Off
Workshop Activities
  • a. Material and Tools Setting
  • b. Machine Animated Simulation Check
  • c. Dry Run, Actual Cut, and Improve Cutting Surface
Classroom Activities
  • a. Soft Jaw and Hard Jaw
  • b. Soft Jaw Machining Process for 2nd Process/Flip
Workshop Activities
  • a. Soft Jaw Set-Up
  • b. Soft Jaw Machining
  • c. Soft Jaw Hydraulic Pressure Set-Up
  • d. 2nd Process Machining Set-Up
  • e. 2nd Process Dry Run, Actual Cut, and Improve Cutting Surface
Classroom Activities
  • a. Classroom Discussion on Okuma and Fanuc Programming
  • b. Fundamental of CAM Lathe
    • - CAM Interface
    • - 2D Sketch
    • - OD Tool Path
    • - CAM Parameters
    • - Graphic Verify
    • - Post Programming
Workshop Activities
  • a. Continue 2nd Process Actual Cut
  • b. Product Inspection and Marking Scheme
Workshop Activities
  • a. Knowledge Assessment
  • b. Performance Assessment (Second Project)
  • c. Machine House Keeping

For further information, please contact
Mohamad Hisham bin Mohd Iqbal (ext 551/ or
Noor Saidatul Munirah bt Saaidun (ext 551/