Intermediate CADCAM Software


In the past, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) were considered to be two distinct technologies independent of each other. Throughout the years, there has been greater integration of CAD and CAM. This program will focus on 5 Axis CNC Milling using CREO Parametric (CAD) and ESPRIT (CAM) software. It is important to know how to conduct compatible CAD data analysis to ensure CAM activities can be performed according to design specifications. This will also help to ensure excellent CAM development and smooth operations in CNC manufacturing.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Check CAD data format
  • Review CAD data
  • Check product specifications
  • Select machining processes
  • Finalise CAD Data for machining
  • Determine cutting tools
  • Identify machining parameters
  • Simulate machining processes
  • Execute post processes
  • Transfer NC program to CNC machine

Who Should Attend

Participants who have completed the Basic CADCAM Software program


10 weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang. Program commencement is subject to company’s request (for in-house classes) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (for public classes).

Training Outline

  • a. Type of CAD Data Format
    • IGES
    • DXF
    • DWG
    • STEP
  • b. CAD Data Conversion
    • Import and Export Data
    • Version Compatibility
  • a. Determine Type of CAD Data Format
  • b. Convert CAD Data by Using Applied CAD/CAM Software
  • c. Carry Out CAD Data Conversion
  • d. Prepare CAD Data with Drawing Specifications
  • a. CAD Model Coordinate System
    • Origin/Datum
    • Orientation
  • b. Machine Coordinate
  • c. Work Plane
  • d. Layers
  • a. 5 Axis Machining Process (Indexing)
  • b. Speed
    • Cutting Speed
    • Spindle Speed
    • Feedrate
  • c. Cutting Strategy
  • d. RAMP & HELIX Entry
  • e. Machining Boundary
  • a. 5 Axis Machining Process (Simultaneously)
  • b. Cutting Data
  • c. Operation Data
    • Facing
    • Contour
    • Pocket
    • Drilling
  • a. Tools Path Verification
    • Tool Interference
    • Tool Approach
    • Tool Retract
    • Cycle Time
  • b. Tools Path Verification
  • c. Tool Interference
  • d. Cycle Time
  • e. End Product Machining Simulation Shape
  • f. Posting Program

For further information, please contact
Mohamad Hisham bin Mohd Iqbal (ext 551/ or
Noor Saidatul Munirah bt Saaidun (ext 551/