Basic CMM Measuring Operations


This program focuses on the 3-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and ways to execute the programs. PC-DMIS provides a flexible environment, allowing for real time error correction and debugging of process characteristics of other geometric software. The techniques used for part programming on a CMM are straightforward and, with practice, systematic.

Who Should Attend

Employees with engineering background


10 weekdays (Monday until Friday) @ PSDC, Penang. Program commencement is subject to company’s request (for in-house classes) or upon the availability of a sufficient number of participants (for public classes).

Training Outline

  • a. Types of Machine Accessories and Functions
  • b. CMM Start-up and Homing Procedure
  • c. Create Measurement New Manual Routines
  • d. Define and Calibrate Probe
  • a. Introduction to PC-DMIS Software
  • b. Define a Probe
  • c. Measure and Alignment Features
  • d. Measure Additional Features
  • a. Measure the Alignment Features
  • b. Set the View and Your Preferences
  • c. Create an Alignment
  • a. Measure Toolbar
  • b. Quick Measure Toolbar and Auto Measure Toolbar
  • c. Graphic View
  • d. Scanning

For further information, please contact
Mohamad Hisham bin Mohd Iqbal (ext 551/ or
Noor Saidatul Munirah bt Saaidun (ext 551/