Radio Frequency (RF) and Wireless Technology Lab

The RF Lab was set up primarily to provide high-end trainings in the field of radio frequency and wireless technology for new engineers as well as fresh engineering graduates who are starting out in their new companies. A total of RM10 million were invested for the purchase of high-end RF equipment and software for this lab, consisting of major equipment manufacturers like Agilent, R&S, LeCroy, and Spirent.

The implementation of the FasTrack RF programs using this lab will benefit the industries by providing their engineers and fresh graduates with the necessary technical skills required to be competent in their respective fields and at the same time help these new engineers to be “work-ready”.

Equipment Highlights








 Number of channels: Up to 36 (12 per constellation)
 Number of RF outputs: 1 (up to 4 with linked chassis)
 Signals: GPS L1/GLONASS L1/Galileo E1
 Supported systems: GPS, SBAS, GLONASS, Galileo


Spirent GSS6700 Multi-GNSS
            Constellation Simulator Systems



• Continuous frequency range for all WiMAX™ band classes up to 6 GHz.


• Real-time signaling to verify network entry and functional performance, plus a message logger.


• Vector signal analyzer (VSA) for transmitter measurements and verification.


• Vector signal generator (VSG) for receiver measurements with arbitrary waveform functionality.


• R&S®Smart Alignment and R&S®Multi-Evaluation concept to reduce test times significantly.


• Easy connection to WiMAX™ devices using the RF interface with integrated switching to eliminate external hardware.


• Dual tester concept for real parallel test saves money, time and valuable floor space.


            Communication Tester



• Extremely high-speed testing.


• Highly accurate measurements.


• Comprehensive spectrum analyzer.


• Fast switching between networks.


R&S CMU200 Universal
            Radio Communication Tester



• Wide dynamic range: >123 dB dynamic range at test port (typical).


• Fast measurement speed: 41 ms @ full 2-port cal, 1601 points.


• Low trace noise: 0.004 dB rms @ 70 kHz IFBW.


• Integrated S-parameter test set.


Agilent E5071C Network Analyzer
            (300kHz to 20 GHz)



• Affordable, fully integrated thermal measurement solution.


• Precision non-contact temperature measurement.


• High-quality thermal images.


• Maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector.


Thermovision FLIR A20M Firewire Compact Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement


Other Equipment:                                                                                                                              


Agilent 6812B AC Power Source/Power Analyzer


Agilent DSO7054A Oscilloscope, 500 MHz


Anritsu MA1612A Four-Port Junction Pad, 5 MHz to 3 GHz


Agilent 6033A DC Power Supply, 20 V, 30 A


Agilent MSO9254A Oscilloscope, 2.5 GHz


LeCroy WavePro 760Zi Oscilloscope, 6 GHz


Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6½  Digit


Agilent E4416A Power Meter Single Channel


LeCroy WaveSurfer 64MXs-A Oscilloscope, 500 MHz


Agilent 778D Dual-Directional Coupler, 100 MHz to 2 GHz


Agilent E9323A Power Sensor


R&S FMA Modulation Analyzer, 150 kHz to 1.3 GHz


Agilent 85024A High-Frequency Probe, 3 GHz


Agilent N4433A RF Electronic Calibration Module


R&S NRP Power Meter Single Channel


Agilent N5183A MXG Microwave Analog Signal Generator


Agilent E4428C Analog Signal Generator, 6 GHz


R&S NRP-Z21 Power Sensor, 10 MHz to 18 GHz


Agilent 8901B Modulation Analyzer, 150 kHz to 1.3 GHz


Agilent E4438C Vector Signal Generator, 6 GHz


R&S FSUP8 Signal Source Analyzer, 1 MHz to 7 GHz


Agilent N8974A Noise Figure Meter Analyzer


Agilent E4440A Spectrum Analyzer, 26.5 GHz


R&S FSQ26 Spectrum Analyzer, 26.5 GHz




Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS)


CST Studio Suite 2010


NI LabView Developer Suite 2009