Computer and Embedded Systems Lab

The Embedded Systems Lab contains the necessary setup to support teaching of computer and embedded systems development. The equipment in the lab includes development boards purchased or sponsored by various manufacturers in this field, such as Altera, ARM and Microchip, as well as other basic lab instruments. Training participants are able to learn the principles for building, programming, testing, and debugging microcontroller and FPGA-based systems.
Embedded systems are expected to play a dominant role in the near future, as more and more industries are moving into this trend and the need for reconfigurable systems increases.
Examples of industries that are using embedded systems are the telecommunications sector, transportation systems, medical industry and even consumer electronics.








• 100 MHz LPC1768 ARM Cortex™-M3 processor-based MCU in 100-pin LQFP


• On-Chip Memory: 512 KB Flash & 64 KB RAM




• 10/100 Ethernet Port


• USB 2.0 Full Speed - USB, USB-OTG, & USB Host


• 2 CAN Interfaces


• 2 Serial Ports


• SD/MMC Card Interface


• 5-position Joystick and push-button


• Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input


• Amplifier and Speaker


• 70 GPIO pins


Keil MCB1760U-ED Evaluation Board





• MCU: LPC2129


• TAL: 12 MHz


• ARM Processor:ARM7TDMI


• MCU Clock:  60 MHz



• On-Chip RAM: 32 K


• On-Chip FLASH: 256 K


Keil MCB2100U-ED Evaluation Board



• Equivalent LEs: 228,000


• Adaptive Logic Modules (ALMs): 91,200


• Registers: 182,400


• M9K Memory Blocks: 1,235


• M144K Memory Blocks: 22


• Embedded Memory (kbits): 14,283


• MLAB (kbits): 2,850


• 18x18 Multipliers: 1,288


• PCI Express Hard IP Blocks: 2


Altera Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Kit



• USB Blaster (on board) for programming and user API control; both JTAG and Active Serial (AS) programming modes are supported.




• Two 32 MB SDRAM


• 8 MB Flash memory


• 50 MHz oscillator and 28.63 MHz oscillator for clock sources


• 24-bit CD-quality audio CODEC with line-in, line-out, and microphone-in jacks


• VGA DAC (10-bit high-speed triple DACs) with  VGA-out connector


• 2 TV Decoder (NTSC/PAL) and TV-in connector


• 10/100 Ethernet Controller with a connector


• USB Host/Slave Controller with USB type A and type B connectors


• RS-232 transceiver and 9-pin connector


• PS/2 mouse/keyboard connector


• IrDA transceiver


• 1 SMA connector


• Two 40-pin Expansion Headers with diode protection


Altera DE2-70 Board



• Product Category: MCU, MPU & DSP Development Tools


• Processor Supported: PIC16, PIC18


• Data Bus Width: 8 bit


• Interface Type: RS-232, USB


• Operating Supply Voltage: 5 V


Microchip DV164036 MPLAB ICD3


Evaluation Kit (with PICDEM 2 Plus)



• Wide -45˚ to +225˚C temperature range


• High adjustable airflow (up to 10 scfm) at full temperature range


• Fast temperature transitions: -40˚ to +225˚C in less than 12 seconds


• Proprietary Dual Loop Control manages the temperature directly at the device.


• No LN2 or CO2 required.


Temptronic TP04500A-72


Temperature Chamber