Digital 8D+1D Problem Solving




The 8D problem-solving method is used to identify, correct, and prevent recurring problems through effective approaches. It is a systematic approach for non-conformity management and is useful for product, process, and service improvements. Although the 8D Process was initially used and applied mainly in the manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace industries, it is useful and relevant across all industries today.



Module 1: Understanding Quality 

  • Definition of quality 
  • Quality gurus - Theories and Contributions 
  • Dimensions of Quality 
  • Quality Assurance vs Quality Improvement 
  • Quality Process


Module 2: Problem Solving

  • Understanding Problem Solving Methodology - DRIVE, PDCA, DMAIC,8D
  • Challenges in Problem Solving
  • Key Tools and Techniques for Quantifying Problems (Eg Pareto Chart, etc.)


Module 3: 8D Problem Solving Methodology

  • Introduction to 8D Problem Solving
  • When 8D is Required? 
  • The Importance of 8D
  • Benefits of 8D Methodology 


Module 4: 8D Process Steps – The Step-by-Step Approach

  • D0 - Prepare and Plan for 8D
  • D1 - Team Formation
  • D2 - Problem Description 
  • D3 - Implementing Interim Containment Actions 
  • D4 - Defining Problem Root Causes
  • D5 - Developing Permanent Corrective Actions
  • D6 - Implementing Permanent Corrective Actions
  • D7 - Preventing Reoccurrences
  • D8 - Recognizing and Congratulating the Team
  • +D - Dashboard


Module 5: Real Case Study and Demo of Using E-8D Tools

  • User Training on E-8D Application System
  • How to Initiate a New 8D Report
  • Data Entry for D1-D8
  • Real Case Study (Internal/External Problem)
  • Save and Submit Report for Management Review and Approval 



Executives (QA, QS, Engineering Team, Production Team) and Section Heads/Leads



2 Days (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)



29 – 30 November 2017 @ PSDC, Penang



RM1,300/participant (excluding  6% GST). Course fees are HRDF claimable.



MBA (UUM), BEng (UTM), Certificate in Personal Psychology & Brain Learning Techniques (KU)

Ms P Thilagavathy (Thila) is an experienced trainer and consultant in the fields of quality, supervisory, relationship marketing management, and written and spoken communications, especially in presentation skills and brain learning techniques. She is particularly skilled and very knowledgeable in handling quality issues and developing leaders. She is also very well versed in Quality Control/Assurance, including supplier development, incoming, in-process, and outgoing quality.

Ms Thila has developed and trained many manufacturing specialists, supervisors, line leaders, technicians, engineers, and managers in Critical Problem Solving and Decision, Quality Control Circle(QCC), Quality Mindset for QC/QA Personnel, Effective QC/QA operation, Critical Problem Solving and Decision Making, Eight Discipline Problem Solving (8D), Why-Why Analysis, Root Causing Analysis, IATF 16949 Awareness Internal Audit, QCC with 7 QC Tools, Productivity Improvement with Relationship Marketing, Time Management, and Customer Focus programs.

She has helped numerous clients improve their knowledge in order to excel in their daily job. Thila has a total of 16 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and telecommunication. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering. She is also a HRDF-certified Trainer.



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