Grasp The Killer Idea! (ADT 105)

19 September 2017 - 20 September 2017

Nowadays, the majority of individuals and organizations are acknowledging just how vital creativity is in order to contend with an increasingly complex and mercilessly competitive environment.
The landscape of our society is changing profoundly. We are in the throes of an extraordinary creative revolution and we need a whole new set of mental and operational tools to deal with it. “Creativity” is most crucial factor for future success, and it is the key mechanism for reinventing customer relationships and achieving greater operational dexterity.

• Provide the know-how and practical strategies that help us to think more creatively and productively.
• Generate innovative ideas on demand.
• Break the habits that stifle creativity.
• Create new products, services and processes or improve old ones.
• Find “Out of the Box” solutions to complex business problems.
• Solve problems more quickly and easily.

What is GRASP?
Different modes of thinking
• G enerative Thinking – Generating thoughts and ideas
• R eactive Thinking – Reacting to existing influences and ideas
• A nalytical Thinking – Analysing ideas to reach a solution
• S elective Thinking – Validating and implementing a potential solution
• P roactive Thinking – The strategy of thinking

• What is reactive thinking?
• How thought patterns and perception foreshadow success or failure?
• Understanding barriers to creativity

• Thinking about thinking.
• When to use which thinking?

How to find the Killer Ideas?
• Define the creative challenge and reframe the challenge
(Types of challenge, identify what to work on for improvement, opportunity, task, problem)
• Brain blooming
(What is brain blooming, steps for brain blooming)
• Metaphoric stimulation
(What is a metaphor, steps for applying the technique)
• Challenge assumptions
(What is an assumption? Ways to challenge assumptions)
• Change your point of reference
(How to generate ideas using multiple perspectives?)
• Reverse the challenge
(Steps for applying the technique)

• Evaluating the ideas

• Making the ideas happen

Executives and managers who want to be able to practice systematic and creative approach to think out of the box.

Joy Lim Siew Wah has over 25 years of training and development as well as human resource experience in various management positions in the education, retail and manufacturing industries. In all her capacities, she has been given the privilege of pioneering the departments. Her areas of training include customer service, management and quality. In 1996, she represented Malaysia in the Fukuoka International Women's Conference in Japan.

Joy graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Sociology, Ryerson Polytechnic, Toronto with a Human Resource Management Certificate and Malaysian Institute of Management with a Diploma in Management.

She was trained in Dorset, England and she is the PIONEER Buzan Licensed Instructor in Malaysia to conduct courses founded by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping and the world leader in learning techniques and the field of creative thinking. Joy is also a certified trainer for 6 seconds Emotional Intelligence, the world’s leader in EQ training.

She has conducted many in house trainings and public programs for multinational companies and the government sector. The industries covered are banking, petrol chemical, medical, manufacturing, ICT, hotel, telecommunication, automotive, insurance, trading, services etc. She differentiates her trainings from others in the field by creating a powerful impact with emphasis on actual and tailor made business applications as well as addressing real work concerns to enhance work performance and organizational effectiveness. By sharing her industrial experience and using a motivating “hands-on “ approach, she adds value by delivering practical business solutions. Since then, there have been many success stories and benefits experienced by individuals and corporations.

Paul Chan Kum Hoe has over 25 years of work experience in the finance, construction and manufacturing industries, holding managerial positions heading overall branch operations and marketing. During his employment, he has designed and implemented systems for process and productivity improvement, which resulted in increased profitability for the organizations.

Paul graduated from University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commerce and Economics. He was trained in Florida, USA and is a licensed instructor to teach courses founded by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping and the world leader in learning techniques. He is also a certified instructor to conduct courses on thinking methods founded by Dr Edward De Bono, the leading authority worldwide in the field of creative and conceptual thinking.

Since the set up of his training company in 2000, he has conducted many in house training and public programs. His clients include multinational companies and the government sector. He has trained employees at all levels of ranking in the area of learning and thinking as he believes that the human potential can definitely be unleashed if they are taught how to utilize their brain capacities with the right tools and techniques. Since then, there have been many success stories and benefits experienced by individuals and corporations.

2 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Program 100% Claimable under SBL Scheme
PSDC Members: RM 1,170/pax
Non-Members: RM 1,370/pax

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