To date, the PSDC has 209 members, which have a combined total workforce representing more than 50% of the total workforce in the Free Industrial Zones and Industrial Parks in Penang.

During the late 1980’s when the worldwide community of multinational corporations was beginning to earmark Penang as the preferred destination for corporate expansion; came the win-win concept of corporate members who endorsed their support through donations of state-of-the-art equipment and computer hardware and software.

Drawing from this unique reservoir of resources, the PSDC has opened its memberships to all Malaysia incorporated companies to come together and help plan their resources, design and conduct training programs directly relevant to immediate and forecasted industry needs

Networking prospects with more than 160 multinational companies and local industries.
Access to valuable resources and cost-effective, current, and relevant solutions to the industry.
Opportunity to attend seminars, talks, and retreats conducted by local and international speakers.
Entitlement to special rates, which are 20% or more off the actual course fees.
Chance for your company logo to appear alongside Global and Fortune 500 companies in the annual calendar.
Priority recruitment of the best from the PSDC.
Complimentary posting of vacancy advertisement at the PSDC and its website.
Utilization of the state-of-the-art facilities at exclusive member rates.


Terms and Conditions


1. Opting for Holding Company Membership

An organisation may opt to apply for membership as a separate legal entity or  as a group of company operating under the direct control of a parent holding company. The PSDC will only liaise with the parent holding company. The membership fee shall cover the number of employees of the separate legal entity or the group of related companies as the case may be.

Note: The number of employees employed should include branches, as well as for subsidiaries of companies opting for holding company membership. It includes both management and non-management staff. Contractual labour is excluded.

2. The organization must be incorporated in Malaysia

3. Attachment Partners  - Student Internship Program (S.I.P)  

Members of the PSDC are required to provide 5 attachment and internship placements for final year PSDC students. The PSDC’s S.I.P is arranged continuously so that member companies can benefit from an almost continual one-year period of student attachments. Member companies which have participated in the attachment programs have cited the following benefits;  

          Opportunity To Evaluate And Recruit Potential Employees
          Additional Manpower To Supplement Existing Staff
          Fresh Ideas And Perspective From Enthusiastic Students


S.I.P helps forge and support a closer relationship between the industry and the PSDC. Besides, participating industry are also fulfilling their social responsibility by working together with the PSDC to train future employees for the industry.