The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) is the first skills industry-led training centre to be set up in Malaysia. Located within the Free Industrial Zones of Penang, Malaysia, the centre invites membership from the manufacturing industry and its tremendous success since 1989 is linked to the vitality of our corporate members who rank among some of the world's most admired corporations.

The PSDC's tripartite model brings together the best of the Industry, Academia, and Government. This unique paradigm pools resources and management expertise, and allows the PSDC to provide invaluable advice and guidance on the latest industrial technological progress, along with up-to-date training and educational programs.

The Centre operates as a non-profit society with its mission to pool resources amongst the 4 Free Trade Zones and 4 Industrial Estates in Penang with a total of 775 factories, employing more than 170,000 workers providing up-to-date training and educational programs in support of operational requirements, as well as to keep abreast of technological progress.




This (PSDC) is a good example of Malaysia Inc. concept at work" Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

NSTP July 20, 1994 - PSDC Opening Ceremony


Since then, all other states in Malaysia used the PSDC Concept to set up their own skills centre. To date, there are 11 skills development centre out of 13 states in Malaysia, with PSDC being the first to set up.


State Skills Development Centre Year
Selangor SHRDC Selangor Human Resource Developmet Centre 1992
Negeri Sembilan NSSDC Negeri Sembilan Skills Development Centre 1993
Perak PESDC Perak Entrepreneur and Skills Development Centre 1993
Johor PUSPATRI Johor Skills Development Centre 1993
Terengganu TATI Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute 1993
Sarawak PPKS Sarawak Skills Development Centre 1994
Malacca MISDC Malacca Industrial Skills Development Centre 1994
Pahang PSDC Pahang Skills Development Centre Berhad 1996
Terengganu TESDEC Terengganu Skills Development Centre Berhad 1996
Sabah SSTC Sabah Skills and Technology Centre 2000
Penang PSDC Penang Skills Development Centre 1989
Kedah KISMEC Kedah Industrial Skills and Management Development Centre 1993

"The PSDC is unique in Malaysia (though other states are moving in to emulate) not just because it trains shop-floor workers as technicians and engineers but also because competing companies pool their resources to fund it."
Far Eastern Economic Review Jan 1994